About Brandt Jobe

Official PGA TOUR Headshots

Brandt Jobe was born on August 1st, 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Growing up, his interests in golf stemmed from his attendance at the U.S. Open at Cherry Hills Country Club in 1978. After attending UCLA and playing on the NCAA Division I Men’s Championship golf team, Jobe became professional in 1988. From there, Jobe knew his love of golf would ultimately be something he pursued for the rest of his life.

After turning pro in 1988, Jobe’s career took off overseas, as well as in the States. Internationally, he soared with over 12 international victories – ranging from the British Columbia Open in 1990 to the 1998 Japan PGA Championship. Jobe also won the Payless Classic (1991) in Canada, as well multiple Asian Tour wins – such as the Thailand Open (1994), the Mak-Young Classic, the Malaysian Classic, and the Bali Open (1995). He also has won the following tournaments and events on the Japan PGA TOUR – Mitsubishi Galant Tournament, Tokai Classic (1997), Golf Digest Tournament, UBE Kosan Open, and the Mizuno Open.

On America soil, Jobe has played countless PGA TOUR events – such as the Masters Tournament and the PGA Championship in 1999, The Open Championship in 2006, and the US Open in 2008.

Brandt is looking forward to a great year with his new teacher, Joey Sinclair.